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load cells

How can I find the right nominal load of the load cell?
Total weight of the tank (empty weight + content of the cooling pipes + weight of the content) divided by the number of tank feet delivers the load of one tank foot. Round up this foot load to the nearest nominal load of the load cell. This calculation is not dependent on the number of load cells for one tank.

May a transfer the load cell signal 4 .. 20 mA direct to the PLC?
Basically this is possible. But we recommend the intermediate connection of our KAL-S7. This allows an easy retare without the need to enter into the program of the PLC. A further advantage of the KAL-S7 is the 3-way galvanic isolation between load cell signal, transmitted signal to the PLC and the supply voltage of the load cell.

May I simply put the load cell beneath an tank foot or do I need special ground plate?
Important! The load cell should stay on a plane ground, therefore you need a plane surface. Otherwise you should use a ground plate. This plate should be provided by the client. We can supply a drawing to support you.

Further questions about load cells?
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